Bow Basin Watershed Management Plan - Phase I and Phase II

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Phase II

In 2010, recognizing this complexity and the need for a management tool that would align resource decisions across sectors and jurisdictions, the Bow River Basin Council (BRBC) initiated the development of the second phase of a watershed management plan for the Bow Basin to be prepared in collaboration with members, partners and stakeholders.

  pdf BBWMP Report (Final) (31.58 MB) (31.58 MB)

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  pdf BBWMP 2012 Technical Report (14.76 MB) (14.76 MB)

Phase I

In 2005, the BRBC recognized the need to develop a watershed management plan to align resource decisions across sectors and jurisdictions. Based on an assessment of outcomes, planning priorities, and available resources, Phase One of the Bow Basin Watershed Management Plan (BBWMP) focuses on surface water quality. The Plan was developed using an environmental performance management system to achieve surface water quality outcomes with associated timelines for management actions, research, monitoring and evaluation. The Plan contains reach-specific water quality objectives, targets, warning levels, and baseline water quality data. This Plan serves as a decision support tool.

Under the direction of the BBWMP Steering Committee (SC), the BBWMP Technical Committee created reach-specific objectives for indicators in the Bow River mainstem and the Elbow River and Nose Creek sub-basins. These reach-specific water quality objectives were established with the goal of maintaining or improving current water quality conditions in all reaches, while considering their unique natural features and user needs. Common biological, physical and chemical indicators of water quality were selected by reviewing available guidelines or criteria relevant to the selected water quality indicators to protect the desired outcomes. Many factors were considered in deciding whether to modify or adopt the available guidelines and criteria and the rationale is described for each recommended objective.

The final version of the BBWMP (Phase I) was released on September 10, 2008.

pdf BRBC SWAT Report 2009 (1.38 MB) (1.38 MB)

pdf BBWMP Phase I - Final Report (1.55 MB) (1.55 MB)

pdf BBWMP Phase I - Fact Sheet (378.82 kB) (378 KB)

pdf BBWMP Phase 1 - Letter re: Terms of Reference (33 kB) (33 KB)

pdf BBWMP Phase I Final Technical Committee Report (1.11 MB) (1.11 MB)


Roles and responsibilities (including a list of member contacts) for the BBWMP Steering Committee and Technical Committee are included below.

  pdf BBWMP Phase 1 - Steering Committee Roles (29.07 kB) (29 KB)

  pdf BBWMP Phase 1 - Technical Committee Roles (29.23 kB) (29 KB)

Copies of all meeting notes and presentations to BRBC members (where available) are attached below.

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